Class Descriptions


Our hip hop classes cover all aspects of the style including commercial, popping and locking, waving, lyrical, tutting and technique work. We also concentrate on delivering basic breakdance and tumbling in all our classes, which range from 3years through to young adults. This style is great fun and helps to develope expression, creativity and rhythm.



Contemporry dance is a style of expressive dance that combines elements of other dance genres. In our class you will cover technique, floor work and imporvisation. Our current class is aimed towards High school students which proves as a fantastic extra curriculum class to help with the style that is covered at GCSE level.




Become a member of Spotlight Performers where you will cover musical theatre dance, singing, character and script work. Students work on porjection and clarity in speaking and singing, learning technique to ensure these elements are strong whilst moving and dancing. They work on various musicals covering numbers and scenes from different genres of theatre. Studets also get to experience to work with costume, masks and props when showcasing their work in our pantomime/musical each year.


Classical ballet is oftern described as the foundation for all dance styles and improves posture and co-ordination. We offer classes following the Royal Academy Of Dance's graded and vocational graded syllabi. Students also learn free movement and character dance. Pointe work is also available for female students for the more trained students.



Tap is a theatrical art form and is invaluable in enchancing students rhythm and musicality. Whilst also developing their motor-skills, control and co-ordination. We follow the Imperial Society of Dance's syllabi.


Modern is an energetic dance style and is known for its theatrical quality helping to develop expression, strength and flexibilty. Our classes once again follow the ISTD syllabi